Reliable Crew Manning Agency in Myanmar ( ISO 9001:2015 Certified Agency )

Global Max Asia Ship Management was founded and incorporated in 2007 and has its base in Yangon, Myanmar. The company synchronizes the maritime services and trading commercial expertise, thus being one qualified partner for its maritime customers with leading position in the maritime industry.

Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd

The main principle of work in our company is professionalism, accuracy and quality. We do our best to meet all the requirements of our clients and are able to provide the employment of the Myanmar seafarers on professional level and act as a local manning company for and on behalf of your company in all matters, dealing with manning of vessels.

Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd
Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd
Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd

The staff of the company is a team of highly educated, qualified professionals, fully responsible for theirs work, which deals efficiently with all the aspects of shipping and maritime activities. GMA shipping is a shipping company duly registered at Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development -Union Of Myanmar and licensed as seafarer manning agency authorized by the Seaman Employment Control Division (SECD) Yangon-Myanmar.


Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd

GMA Ship Management strives to achieve the highest level of service to its customers, ensuring that commitment to safety and environment protection, it enables the company to have a competitive advantage and set the objective to ensure to satisfy for Customers in services with a safe, efficient and cost effective manner at needs at all time with BEST.

Building trust and respect by operation in a safe, socially responsible, consistent and honest manner.

Ensure of continual improvement and growth with stable maintaining of quality.

Secure Customer’s interest and expertise to satisfy of operational and commercial requirements.

Targeting business activities on achieve and by uplifting the standard of marine that will affirm the country’s position as the leading provider of high-skilled seafarer.

GMA Ship Management developed and protected the interests of our principals and customers in-terms of fairness and complete satisfaction in all aspects. To contribute the firm determination for the success of business based upon faithfulness, co-operative, dutiful and continued support to secure for the final goal.


Global Max Asia Shipping Co.,Ltd

GMA Ship Management is fully committed to provide a complete and professional Management of Vessel Crew Manning and Maritime Management Services to our Principals and our Clients.

To develop the organizational platform through total quality management of business with actively pursuing and prioritizing business opportunities in each of the segments in which the company is currently active, and vigorously pursue new business opportunities.

GMA Ship Management is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers and associates and a commitment through our services to provide consistent, reliable and cost-effective solutions for meeting customer needs and service satisfaction.

To achieve the foregoing, the GMA Ship Management always pursues its endeavours with the highest level of thoroughness, insight and professionalism, preserving the confidentiality of its clients’ affairs, at all times.

GMA Ship Management is set up to meet increasingly sophisticated demands of today's Maritime Industry and consistent in-terms of fairness with core business philosophy of exceptional customer service.