Welcome & Introduction GMA

Global Max Asia (GMA) Company Limited has been established in since 2007. We are a business group and the mother name of our company is Alpha Ace Myanmar Business Group.

Global Max Asia (Alpha Ace Myanmar Business Group) was formed many business subsidiary, which are:

  •   Global Max Asia Shipping Management
  •   Global Max Asia Travels and Tours
  •   Max Currency Exchange Services
  •   Oversea Employment Agency (Manpower)
  •   Trading and Distribution, Export and Import

Moreover, Global Max Asia Co., Ltd. extended the business in Manpower Services under the license of issued by Ministry of Labor, Union of Myanmar. We do our best to meet the requirement of the employers and the need of the workers’. In the field of manpower services, we provide the skilled and unskilled workers recruitment abroad for the local people. We are welcoming overseas employers and overseas associates. We are now trying utmost best to supply the experienced workers needed by the reliable manpower companies all over the world.

Our Mission

  • “It is all about having the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the right time”
  • Committed to our customers of both the employer and job seekers insistent drive to fulfill their recruitment needs and career aspirations;

Our Services

We can support manpower such as skillful and unskillful labor and general workers any tie to have the fruitful business relations with our clients need. We are providing honesty, intelligent, obedient, hardworking workers. We are also providing qualified graduates and skilled workers to regional countries to their requirements.

We are providing well-trained and highly qualified hotel staffs who can perform duties at hotels around the world. Hotel for management housekeeping, receptionist, waiter/waitress, bell boy and so on. Our services are detailed in the below.


Skilled Workers

  • Machine Operator Mechanic
  • Carpenters
  • Craftsmen
  • Fork-lift/Crane Operators
  • Machinist
  • Welders
  • Tailors
  • Nurse
  • Electrician
  • Technician Cum Driver
  • Interior Designer
  • Cashier Cum Server

Unskilled Workers

  • Construction workers
  • General Workers
  • Agriculture Labors
  • Industrial Labors
  • Guards
  • Restaurant General Workers
  • Cleaning Services Workers
  • Care Giver

Employer Information

All the manpower recruitment and processing activities are carried out in strict compliance with the Myanmar Department of Labor rules and regulations and accordance with the requirements of the employer or the employing organization.

Many Myanmar workers are usually doing job well of the employed company in foreign countries. They are also free from criminal problems, social, and political and according to international health standards, they have a medical checkup, so they are confident in their health.

Detail Information Required From Employer

  •   Place of Work
  •   Category of Workers
  •   Number of Workers Required
  •   Detail Job Description
  •   Salary range and other term and condition of employment
  •   Duration of the contract
  •   Food, accommodation and other facilities provided
  •   The relevant country labor law of worker compensation
  •   Expected time of arrival of workers

Documents Required From Employer

To collaborate the recruitment services with our company legally, we need the demand letter written on the company letterhead with employment terms and condition in detail. Moreover, the demand letter must be endorsed and sealed by one of the directors’ recruiting company or authorized person of the recruiting company.

The completed documents must also be notarized by licensed advocated in the country of the recruiting company and send the original documents to us so that our company can proceed the approval of business operation at the Ministry of labor (MOL) in Myanmar. It may take about two weeks for obtaining the approval.

In demand, it needs to state all the following terms:

  •   Number of workers required and category
  •   Basic Salary Per day and Average Mini Salary per Month
  •   Working Hours and Overtime (Abiding to International Standard)
  •   Details Job Description (Working Environment)
  •   Food, Accommodation, Transportation and other facility, benefit. etc.
  •   Insurance: Compensation for accidental case, level of free medical treatment
  •   Duration of contract
  •   Expected time for workers arrival.

Please feel free to contact or email us for any inquiry.