Welcome to Global Max Asia Trading

Global Max Asia Trading extends our warmest welcome to all visitors to our homepage. We hope you would find all the relevant information you would need on our platform to engage in our import and export services.


We specialize in the import and export of a many of products based in our country. We also import any consumer products and industrial products in the other country products.


We are a trading company we export Myanmar’s products such as Rice, Beans and Pulse, Marine products and others to several destination.


We import Machineries and Spare parts, Pharmaceutical products, Textile Accessories and Eatable Foods products as per market requirement. of increasing importance in Myanmar is the cross-border product for trade with the neighboring countries. Main border crossings are Myawaddy (from/to Thailand) and Muse (from/to China). We also serve the logistics services. Import and export formalities are the most crucial part in the supply chain when importing or exporting to/from Myanmar. Our own customs specialists will provide advice and ensure smooth clearances.